i’m convinced that noel fisher is a mystical being he is not real

we should say the things we feel. it doesn’t help to keep it in.

hoje eu quero voltar sozinho (2014)

you’re meant to be.

A Sort of Beginners Guide to Movies


i was getting a lot of questions of where one should start if theyre interested in getting into film/ know what people are talking about. so heres a short list of a few movies thatll just give you a little background, i came up with it off the top of my head and i tried to keep it…


@CameronMonaghan: Photo by the talented @IsaacSterling.

Anonymous: where do you get your shameless screencaps

I cap them myself. I used to get them from grande-caps but its galleries got taken down. I don’t know if the problem will be solved anytime soon though.